Our Bellarine Bounty

The Bellarine Peninsula has a deep history full of farmers and makers, but in more recent times, it is certainly being noticed for the innovative and brave producers that help cement this region into the foodie landscape.

We are so incredibly proud of the produce and experiences on the peninsula, and feel very priviledged to be able to showcase some of these on our own Mussel Tours. Our tours are all about celebrating our local Sea Bounty mussels, but wer’e also very excited to include a bunch of other delicious things to eat, drink and enjoy on board.

It’s been a hard job (wink wink) tasting and selecting the produce to showcase on our tours, but we think we’ve done a pretty ripper job of it. You wont be dissapointed!

The adorable and cheeky Saanen goats from Drysdale Cheeses are lovingly cared for by Corinne and Peter, just 6.5 kms from Portarlington Pier. They are milked every morning and this milk is then turned into some amazing handmade cheeses. We pick up our box before each tour, and it’s like unwrapping a Xmas present, with a surprise to see what cheeses they have given us to try each time. The Bellarine Blu and the Saltbush Shev are devine, but that Silky Goats Curd has most people raving. Their Insta account is pretty entertaining and worth a click!

Bellarine Smokehouse is 5.5 kms away, but we can almost smell that delicious smokey flavour from the pier. On tour you’ll usually get to dunk into their delicate and delicious smoked pates of smoked salmon and Barramundi. We also feature their smoked salt for that glorious umami. Goes pretty well on top of a poached mussel. Hot tip, you can also buy heaps of their product on line. You’re welcome!

We won’t give away the rest of the products though, you will have to see them once you’re on board.

And of course, we can’t have you going thirsty, so we also had the tough task of sipping our way around the Bellarine to find some awesome, wines, beers, ciders & gin to share with you all. We want to show off wines that are a bit unique and sought after. We’ll feature different Bellarine wines on each tour, because it’s simply too hard to narrow it down to just a couple of favourites.

Here’s a few wineries we have started with, but rest assured there will be more to come – Curlewis Winery, Terindah Estate, Mermerus and Oakdene. If wine is not you’re thing, you will be sure to love a cider from Flying Brick or a beer from Brewicolo or 38th Parallel Brewing.

Any finally, we cannot go past the cutest little cocktail in a can. This cocktail showcases Teddy & The Fox gin from Bellarine Distillery and the Curious Cabinet’s wonderfully delicious Mandarin Shrub Elixir, all mixed to create this delightfully tangy, slightly tarty, sparkling citrus cocktail.

Cannot wait to share all of these with you soon.

PS: If you are planning to come over from Melbourne, make a day trip and catch a ferry direct from Docklands (which pulls in right next to us) , or even better, stay the night at the beautifully refurbished Portarlinton Grand Hotel ( just a 5 mintue walk from us)